Alternator Repair Near Champlin, MN

Diagnosing Your “Current” Situation

Your alternator controls the current throughout your vehicle and is responsible for sending that current to the battery to keep it charged. Issues with your alternator can manifest in different ways, but it can be difficult for the untrained eye to spot the root cause of the problem. AutoPro Auto Service can take the guesswork out of any electrical issues and determine if the problem lies in the alternator or another component in your vehicle’s complex system. Let our team of ASE Certified Technicians inspect your vehicle and provide the necessary repairs to get you back on the road safely and comfortably.


Alternator Repair Near Champlin, MN

5 Warning Signs You May Need Alternator Repair

Being aware of the signs and symptoms of alternator problems may help you catch issues early before they progress into something worse. If your vehicle is showing any of the following warning signs, schedule an inspection before the issue lands you stranded on the side of the road.

1. Warning Lights on Dashboard

Any time a warning light comes on, it should be taken seriously and is a sign you need to take your car in for an inspection. If multiple lights come on simultaneously, that can indicate your vehicle isn’t receiving reliable electrical signals due to inconsistent voltage from the alternator.

2. Dimming, Flickering Headlights

Headlights that are dimming or flickering typically indicates something in the electrical system isn’t functioning correctly. Since your alternator sends power throughout your vehicle, it may be to blame if it’s unable to meet the electrical demands of your car.

Here are 2 common signs that your alternator is not providing enough power:

  • Headlights pulse from bright to dim while car is idling.
  • Headlights dim and then flicker brighter when your foot is on the gas.

3. Burning Smell Under the Hood

Any time you notice an unusual odor under your vehicle’s hood, you should take it to a professional for diagnostics. If that smell is reminiscent of an electrical fire or ozone rather than gasoline, that could indicate alternator issues like a slipping belt.

4. Any Unusual Noises

Your alternator typically runs in near silence. If you notice any high-pitched whining or grinding noises when driving, that can indicate issues with a housing component of the alternator.

5. Battery Trouble

Sometimes a dead battery is just that - a battery at the end of its lifespan. So if your battery won’t keep a charge, the first thing to do is have it tested. If an inspection reveals no problems with the battery itself, it may be that alternator is not providing enough current to keep the battery charged.

Schedule Alternator Repair Near Champlin, MN

If you spot any of these signs don’t delay scheduling an inspection with one of our skilled technicians at AutoPro Auto Service. If any alternator components need replacing, we only use NAPA Auto Parts - a standard of excellence in the auto repair industry. All repairs are backed by a 3 year/36,000-mile warranty (parts and labor). This is 3x the warranty than most repair facilities. Most dealerships and other shops only offer a 1 year warranty. Schedule an inspection by calling AutoPro at (763) 703-6172.

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