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What’s The Big Deal With Timing Belts?

You can think of your car’s timing belt as a domino. Once it breaks, many other aspects of your car’s engine start to crumble. To say the least, the timing belt is imperative to the overall operation of your vehicle, which is why we want to talk about your car’s timing belt.   First off, what is the timing belt, and what exactly does it do? The timing belt is basically a rubber belt, but its simplicity can be deceiving. This piece of machinery controls the timing of our car’s internal combustion engines. It ensures the crankshaft, which in turn controls the pistons, and the camshaft, which in turn controls the valves, rotate simultaneously.   What happens when the timing belt stop working? The valves need to open and close at the right moment. If the valves are opening and closing at the wrong time, your engine may not potentially be able to burn fuel correctly, which is a big problem. Without a properly working timing belt, you are also pron ... read more


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