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Fun Games for the Whole Family on Road Trips

The right games in the car during road trips can be a wonderful way to prevent boredom and a fun opportunity to stay connected to your family and other passengers on your adventure on the road. There are so many easy and creative games and activities that are sure to keep your child from moaning, "Are we there yet?” over and over and keep any adult entertained. Here are some suggestions for games to play in the car:   Predictions Pick an upcoming exit, location, or landmark. Figure out how far away it is, the time, and your current speed. Have each person in the car predict the exact time you'll arrive at the location. Let the winner choose the next rest stop!        Mundane Game Challenge people in the car to recall recent events. "What was the server's name at breakfast?", “How many stalls did the last rest stop have?”, “How much was the soda we bought at the last gas station?"    &n ... read more


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