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Winter Storm Coming? Here’s some tips to get your car and yourself ready!!!

Winter Storm Coming?  Here’s some tips to get your car and yourself ready!!!  1) Check your fuel gauge!  you don't want to start the day with a fresh blanket of snow and an empty tank! fill your tank up in advance that does a couple of things first you know you've got enough gas to keep warm in case you have and they counter with a ditch and secondly each tank of of gas $20 worth 20 gallons worth will add about 120 pounds of gasoline to the rear axle for more traction!  2) Be ready for drive combat!  Get ready for snowy driving by having your car facing forward into the street so you can push through any drifts or snow plow residue rather than having to back into it! facing forward gives you the momentum that you might need just to get out of the driveway!  3) Most folks don't think about checking their windshield wiper reservoir before a big storm!  Make sure that your reservoir is full.  Windshield fluid is ... read more

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