Auto AC Repair Near Coon Rapids, MN to Help Beat the Heat

Don’t let the sweltering heat ruin your next big adventure. Get ready for your summer road trip with auto air conditioning repair. AutoPro’s experienced ASE-certified technicians will thoroughly inspect and repair your AC so you can enjoy a cool, relaxing car ride, even in the peak of summer.

ar AC Repair Near Coon Rapids, MN

Step 1: Auto Air Conditioning Inspection

Our Auto Air Conditioning Inspection Includes:

  • Inspection of core AC components including: compressor, evaporator, hoses, and fittings
  • Check for leaks, damage or excessive wear and tear to any AC components
  • Test of Overall AC performance and temperature output
  • Check refrigerant levels
  • System pressure check

Step 2: Auto Air Conditioning Repair or Recharge

If our inspection reveals that your AC unit needs a repair or recharge, our service team will provide a detailed estimate, and will only begin repairs when you are ready. Once you give us the approval to move forward with the AC repair, here is what you can expect:

  • Thorough walkthrough of AC repair and updates throughout the process
  • Highest quality NAPA Auto parts used for the repair
  • ASE Certified Technicians
  • Comfortable waiting area or loaner cars are available if we need to keep your vehicle overnight

Frequently Asked Questions About Auto Air Conditioning

Understanding when to take your vehicle in for auto air conditioning repair is half the battle. Knowing the answers to these frequently asked questions about your car’s AC can help you determine if it’s time to repair or recharge your system.

Why is my vehicle’s AC blowing warm air instead of cold?

There are multiple reasons why your vehicle’s air conditioning is blowing warm air instead of cold. Some common causes include damaged or worn system components, refrigerant leakage, or electrical issues. That’s why you should always take your car to a professional to diagnose and repair your air conditioning properly.

Can I spot a refrigerant leak on my own?

Refrigerant leaks are hard to spot without a professional evaluation because they evaporate with air contact. Experienced mechanics utilize technology to measure refrigerant levels and complete a visual inspection to locate any tell-tale damage that can result in leaking refrigerant.

What are signs that my AC isn’t functioning properly?

You may not be able to spot a leak, but you can watch for these common signs you’re car’s AC isn’t functioning properly:

  • AC unit blowing warm air
  • Loud noises when AC is on
  • Sour/Mildewy smell when running the AC

Schedule Car AC Repair Near Coon Rapids, MN

If you notice any of the above signs, and are looking for auto AC repair near Coon Rapids, call AutoPro Auto Service at: 763-703-6172. Our ASE Certified Technicians will make sure you cruise through summer in comfort!


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