Best Way to Pack Your Trunk

Is packing your trunk generally a nuisance for you? Here are some helpful packing tips that can take the complexity and challenges out of getting all you need in your vehicle:

Step One: Organize your belongings into the following groups:

  • Heavy items

  • Awkwardly shaped items (things that aren't square, rectangular, or box-shaped)

  • Medium weight items

  • Lightweight things

  • Malleable items (things you can squish like duffle bags and blankets)

  • Belongings that must be easily accessible


Step Two: Unless they can be damaged easily, put your awkwardly shaped things in first. Put them in one area of the trunk because they can't be stacked like square suitcases and you'll need to arrange items around them. Keeping them together means that only one portion of your trunk is underutilized as opposed to multiple areas.


Step Three: Heavier items can be added to your trunk next. Back these things tightly and form one flat layer towards the rear of the trunk.


Step Four: After the heavy items are packed in, add the medium items and then the delicate things. It's helpful to put these things in the same general area as the awkwardly shaped items.


Step Five: Now it's time to add the items that are lightweight. If you have holes that won't fit a bigger piece of luggage or larger items, put the malleable squishy items in those crevices.


Step Six: Finally, you'll want to add the items that you need to be easily accessible. For example, if you have a roadside first aid kit, blanket, and a flashlight, it's best to keep them in the vehicle's passenger area or at the top of your packed trunk.


If you need anymore tips on how to pack your trunk or have any questions about auto repair services, the auto mechanics and customer service advisors at AutoPro Auto Service are ready, willing, and able to help. To schedule an appointment, contact us. We are located at 7901 W. River Road in Brooklyn Park, MN.


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