Car Heater Repair Near Fridley, MN

Don’t Let Car HVAC Issues Put the Freeze on Your Plans

Minnesotans know that a working car heater is a godsend in the colder months. And your car heater provides more than just comfort - it’s essential for defrosting ice from your windshield. That said, you’ll want to address any car heater concerns ASAP. AutoPro Auto Service can quickly diagnose and repair any car heater issues so you can drive comfortably and safely without visibility issues. Schedule an appointment with one of our ASE Certified technicians by calling (763) 703-6172. Or keep reading to learn more about the potential culprits of a malfunctioning heater.

Car Heater Repair Near Fridley, MN

First Things First, Check the Basics

  • Verify your temperature control settings. Your climate control could be set to only defrost for a few minutes after starting the vehicle.
  • Make sure the dashboard vents are open and positioned to effectively distribute air.
  • Check under the hood for any debris that could be blocking the cold air intake system.

Car Heater Problems: Most Common Culprits

Today’s modern vehicle systems have a number of components, wiring and sensors that could be contributing to a particular issue. But generally speaking, here are some of the common things our technicians see when our customers have car heater problems.

Blower Motor May Be to Blame

Is there any air coming out of the vents? If the airflow is weak, or there’s no airflow whatsoever, the blower motor could be the problem. This could require a fuse replacement or full fan replacement.

Time to Change the Air Filter?

A clean cabin air filter helps prevent dirt and debris from getting into your heater core and evaporator. Your cabin air filter should should be replaced typically every 20,000 miles or 12 months. The best thing to do is consult with one of our technicians about the specific maintenance requirements for your vehicle.

It Could be Coolant

A quick fix for a malfunctioning car heater might be as simple as refilling the coolant or as complicated as repairing damaged hoses and connections that caused your coolant to leak in the first place. A low coolant level not only prevents heat from reaching the heater core but also risks engine damage. That said, topping of coolant - and all essential vehicle fluids - should never be taken lightly.

Cold to the Core

If you notice consistent dampness under the dash or misting inside the car, this could indicate a problem with the heater core. Another symptom of heater core issues is if you detect a sweet smell inside the vehicle - which is likely the smell of coolant. You may also notice a sticky residue on windows, steering wheel or any other interior surfaces.

Thermostat Valve Complications

The thermostat valves regulate coolant flow to the heater core. If these valves are stuck or blocked, they can prevent coolant from warming the interior. Fixing the stuck valves may resolve the problem or a full thermostat replacement may be necessary.

Car Heater Repair Near Fridley, MN

Let AutoPro’s ASE-certified technicians determine what’s causing the heating issues in your car. If any components need replacing, we only use NAPA Auto Parts - a standard of excellence in the auto repair industry. If you’re looking for auto service near Fridley, MI, all of our repairs are backed by a 3 year/36,000-mile warranty (parts and labor). This is 3x the warranty than most auto repair facilities as most dealerships and shops only offer a 1 year warranty.

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