Check Engine Light Diagnostic Near Coon Rapids, MN

3 Reasons Why Your Check Engine Light May Come On This Spring

The check engine light (CEL) or malfunction indicator lamp (MIL) serves as a warning that something within the vehicle requires attention. This warning light is known for its ambiguity as the culprit can be just about anything from a loose gas cap to engine misfires. Interestingly enough, the time of year could provide a clue in diagnosing the check engine light.

Check Engine Light Diagnostic Near, Coon Rapids, MN

Take Minnesota’s brutal winter months, for example. Extreme cold and excessive idling from winter warm-ups can be hard on your vehicle. So once the weather begins to shift, it’s not uncommon to see the check engine light. If you’re looking for a check engine light diagnostic, near Coon Rapids, MN, AutoPro's state-of-the-art diagnostics and ASE-certified technicians will determine what's causing the warning to activate. Call to schedule your diagnostic service at: (763) 703-6172 or keep reading to learn 3 common reasons why your check engine light may have come on this spring.

Oxygen Sensor Failures

The oxygen sensor, a critical component for maintaining the optimal air-fuel mixture in your engine, can fall victim to winter's all-too-common idling habit. Excessive idling leads to a too-rich fuel mixture being pushed through the exhaust system without complete combustion, primarily due to spark plug issues. Over time, carbon or soot coats the oxygen sensor, hindering its ability to accurately measure exhaust gasses.

The Impact of Idling on Spark Plugs

Idling can also lead to carbon accumulation on spark plugs and inside the cylinder. This buildup can cause misfires or underperforming spark situations, leading to the activation of the check engine light. The core issue here revolves around the degradation of spark plug efficiency due to carbon deposition, a direct consequence of prolonged idling in cold conditions.

Exhaust System and Catalytic Converter Concerns

Lastly, the catalytic converter faces its own set of winter-induced challenges. Operating in consistently cold weather wears down this component, exacerbated by corrosion from winter road salt and damage from unburned fuel if spark plugs or the oxygen sensor are failing. The catalytic converter's deterioration or damage is a significant issue that not only affects vehicle performance but also contributes to environmental pollution. This sequence of complications, often starting with simple idling, can cascade into a substantial repair bill if not addressed promptly.

Check Engine Light Diagnostic Near Coon Rapids, MN

The check engine light can be tricky as there are literally hundreds of possibilities for it to trigger. And because of its ambiguity, even pulling codes from a scanner won't provide enough diagnostic information - or may lead you in the wrong direction altogether. AutoPro’s ASE-certified technicians will quickly and accurately determine why your check engine light is activated. Our friendly service advisors will thoroughly explain what needs to be done and never perform any repairs without your consent. We are located at 7901 W. River Road, Brooklyn Park, MN 55444, just minutes away from Coon Rapids, MN.

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