Check Engine Light Service Near Blaine, MN

Check Engine Light is On, What’s Next?

When the check engine light pops up on your dashboard, it’s natural to press the panic button and wonder if something serious is going on with your vehicle. In many cases, the light is signaling an easy fix that can be handled quickly by a professional. In some cases, though, there could be a more pressing issue at hand. Below, we’ll walk you through the steps you need to take care of this issue and get your vehicle back to being fully operational.

Check Engine Light Service Near Blaine, MN

First Things First, Take Note of What the Light is Doing

A solid check engine light usually points to a less critical issue, meaning it's not an outright emergency. There's no need to immediately stop or call for a tow, but it's definitely recommended to have your vehicle serviced ASAP. Ignoring even minor issues might lead to bigger problems over time.

A flashing check engine light tends to be a sign of a serious issue that requires action right away. In this case, safely pull over and arrange for your vehicle to be towed to an auto repair facility near Blaine, MN. Even if the car seems to be running smoothly, it shouldn't be ignored as a flashing check engine light indicates a major problem with your vehicle.

Next, Take Care of the Basic Checks

Inspect Your Dashboard

Check for other warning lights or unusual readings on your dashboard. These could include signs of low oil or other system issues, which might also trigger the check engine light.

Recall Recent Events

Reflect on what happened right before the light turned on in case there was something that might have triggered it. Did you hit a pothole right before the light turned on? Also, look for other signs like steam from under the hood or unusual engine noises. If these symptoms are present, it's best to turn off the engine and have the car towed for repairs.

Check Out the Gas Cap

A common, simple cause for a check engine light is a loose gas cap. Ensure it's properly tightened, then wait for a few drives to see if the light turns off.

Don’t Waste Your Valuable Time, Get Answers From An Expert

Your car uses a network of sensors and a computer system to monitor its various components, and when a malfunction occurs, the system captures a specific code and activates the check engine light to alert you. While buying a diagnostic scanner and retrieving the codes yourself might seem like a good idea, it doesn't provide a comprehensive diagnosis to pinpoint the problem. Instead, for a precise and accurate identification of the issue, take your vehicle to a professional for a thorough diagnostic.

Check Engine Light Service Near Blaine, MN

Trusting AutoPro with your check engine light service means our ASE-certified technicians will quickly and accurately determine the root cause of the issue. We’ll thoroughly explain what’s happening with your engine and what needs to be done to get you back on the road. Our primary concern is your satisfaction and safety and we utilize the best training and tools to provide it! We are located at 7901 W. River Road, Brooklyn Park, MN 55444, just minutes away from Blaine. We value our long-term relationships with our customers and have built partnerships with car owners throughout Hennepin County and the surrounding communities.

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