Flying Cars Might be Here Sooner Than You Think

What? Flying cars? What are you talking about?? When pigs fly! Oh, wait a minute.

For some of us, this is an idea of the future… a future that will never arrive. In reality, it is a ‘when’ not an ‘if’ idea that is coming closer to fruition every day. It’s just a matter of time before we take to the skies to get to the office or dinner or our kid’s soccer game. Imagine what that will look like… remember George Jetson? Probably a bit like that, but let’s leave our imaginations wide open for what’s truly possible.

In the none-too-distant past, it was thought that we would be jetting around all over the skies by the year 2000. While that didn’t quite happen, it will. Consider this, though… just how much we love our cars that hug the curves of the open ROAD. Yes, road. As we move into the future and we have the option to fly to work instead of drive, how easily do you think we will transition over to that exclusive option?

For now, however, let’s look at what is definitively on the flying-car horizon. First, a lot of what’s being developed looks more like small airplanes or large drones. Not really seeing cars that fly, which is fine, right? I’m sure that they will develop cool looking personal flying thingies that we will be just as proud to fly as we currently are around driving our BMW’s and such.

Then consider that there are already more than 100 prototypes out there already with companies like Boeing,Airbus, Ehang, Volocopter, Kitty Hawk, Uber Elevate, Terrafugia, and PAL-V in the running for flying car production. There’s a lot of focus on aerial taxis and product-delivery vehicles (think Fed-Ex trucks in the sky). This doesn’t even touch on what the do-it-yourselfers are developing out there and some of them are giving the big corporations a run for their money. But, we will see and we all know that companies like Boeing are taking the lead.

Boeing recently successfully completed a test flight of a completely autonomous airbus, with takeoff, hover, and landing. It didn’t go far, but the goal is to quickly reach being able to make it 50 miles. That’s the immediate goal, not the long-range goal which will be much further. This is a hybrid-electric propulsion vehicle and will go a long way in getting us to the airport and back in a quiet, safe, and environmentally positive manner.

Since this is a big deal, there are many governments getting involved and pushing for a faster timeline. Japan’s goal is that by the mid ’20s, their airways will be full of delivery trucks and air taxis. Considering their dense population and horrid traffic conditions, this is an excellent goal. Not only will it cut down on traffic congestion, but it will also help clean up the pollution since this is hybrid to full-electric technology.


Don’t sell your curve-hugging auto yet. There’s a lot to be developed and cars aren’t going anywhere for quite some time to come. Just know that no matter the transportation developments of the future, you can count on AutoPro Auto Service to stay on top of the ever-evolving industry. We are here for you!


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