How To Protect Your Paint From The Heat

When you’ve got yourself a sweet ride, you want to make sure it looks the very best, so you invest in the right products to take care of it. While you buff that leather interior with a smile, you want to make sure that your car’s exterior--the paint job--stays fresh and new as long as possible. However, summer heat is not always the summer-lovin' we’ve been lead to expect. What’s a loving vehicle owner to do? Read on for tips on how to protect your paint job in the summer heat. 

Bathing Beauty: It may seem counterintuitive, but it is a good idea to wash your car frequently. This is a great way to cool off if you want to do it on your driveway. Wait until the evening shadows grow long and whip out that hose while the kids play on their bikes. Gently buff your car, but be careful not to leave any scratches. Once you’re done with the wash, hand dry using a chamois or microfiber towel. 

Wax on, and on, and on… A high-quality wax can go a long way in keeping your car happy and your car’s paint unsullied by the harsh sun rays. After you’ve finished drying your vehicle, just apply car wax all over the exterior (not the windows, please--we want you to be able to see!) and gently rub in until she’s reasonable and gleaming! It’s like sunscreen for your car!

Cover her up: Invest in a good car cover, and keep your car shielded from the heat by using it. It really is one of the best ways to prevent your car’s paint from being damaged by the sun. Get in the habit of using your car cover daily for best results. 

Cast some shade… Or else, just park in it. This is an easy and straightforward way to save your car’s paint and keep it sheltered from UV rays. It has the added bonus of keeping your car’s engine and other critical operating parts just a little bit cooler...making your car one cool customer, both inside and out!

(Just don’t take up two parking spots. No one likes those people.)

As always, the super-capable auto techs at AutoPro Service are on hand to help you with this, and any other auto repair needs. Give us a call. We look forward to assisting you!


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