Looking Forward To 2021

The Year That Never Ended is at last coming to an end! As we say goodbye to a fraught 2020, we’re challenged with looking forward to 2021 and remaining positive, even with some bad news on the horizon.

The bad news is, we’re on the edge of a recession. Between trade wars and the pandemic shutting down a lot of business and making people jobless/homeless, we’re facing an uncertain 2021. Until a COVID19 vaccine reaches all quarters, we’re still living in fear for our families and livelihoods every time we step outside our own door.

No one should spend their holidays worrying about the year ahead, to buy holiday gifts with a sense of dread and worry about how it will all be paid for in the coming year. We should be happy, plucky, cocky, and strong now. It isn’t fair to get through a year as hard as 2020 and then to have the wind taken out of our sails. 

So, here’s a proposition: let’s not do that.

Let’s go into 2021 as we did in 2020, weary but much more aware of the trouble we’re in. Let’s be in this crisis together as family, friends, and neighbors, and help each other out. Let’s work on being compassionate to each other and always seek to let that define us, instead of the fear of the unknown. As awful as 2020 was, it put us back in touch with our families and gave us an appreciation for the things we’ve taken for granted. Let’s look forward to 2021, knowing that the fix is in for it to be a very harsh year, but dedicated to doing our best to give our kids, our communities, and ourselves a sense of normalcy, that we will survive, and even thrive, in this uncertain time.

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