Some Tips to Find a New Car that Suits Your Needs and Lifestyle

So, you’re in the market for a new or pre-owned vehicle, huh? The siren song of a newer, shinier, and cleaner vehicle can be very tempting; especially if you’re tired of driving your current vehicle. Of course, the AutoPro Auto Service team promotes preventive maintenance on all new or used vehicles. Why? Because you can save a lot of money over the long haul if you take great care of your 4-wheeled investment. After all, doesn’t it feel good to not have a car payment?

But IF you are going to buy a new car or a “new” used vehicle, here are some tips to find a new car that suits your needs and lifestyle.

List Your Needs. Before you hit the auto malls, your first step should be to list out your needs. Write down what it is you are looking for in a vehicle. Do you need to carry sound equipment for your band? Do you need to carry a certain number of passengers? Will a convertible be practical as your daily driver? Do you need a truck with running boards so you can transport Grandma to the doctor’s office? Do you need a large truck to handle your home improvement purchases? Do you need 4-wheel drive to get to your house? Do you want a luxury vehicle for your clients to sit in? Go ahead and write down all the things you need and want from your ideal vehicle.

Set Your Standards. After you have finished writing down your list of needs and wants, you’ll want to set your standards. Your standards may be based on price, performance, engine-power, status, color, or style. If you want a sporty vehicle to drive your new baby in, your standards should include a vehicle with a minimum of four doors. Otherwise, you’re going to have a heck of a time getting that baby in and out of a two-door coupe or convertible. Also, do you want a “good” vehicle, a “better” vehicle, or a “best” vehicle? Do your standards allow for a reliable vehicle with scratched paint and a few dents, or do you prefer something that looks like it rolled off the showroom floor? Do you need to live within a certain budget? If money is limited, what are you willing to accept and unwilling to compromise on?

Do Your Research. Once you have listed out your needs and have decided upon your standards, you can begin your research. Which of the vehicles you are considering are the most reliable? Which ones have the most problems, but you’re willing to put up with them because you really want this brand and model? Which of those vehicles are the safest? Which have the best fuel economy? Which has the most horse-power when driving up a hill? Where can you find your ideal vehicle at your ideal price? What do owners and mechanics have to say about this car in automotive forums? Do your research before you go purchase the vehicle so you can be informed of potential upsides and downsides. For example, first-time MINI drivers often forget to factor the cost of the BMW parts they’ll be paying for during vehicle maintenance. The more information you have about the vehicles you are looking at, the lower your chances of regretting your purchase.

Ask For What You Want. When purchasing a new or used vehicle, do yourself a favor and ask for what you want. Buying a car is a big investment, so you have the right to be specific and ask. You may not get everything you want, but it’s better off to ask than no ask, right? For example, if you want a red car, ask for a red car. If you want help with financing, ask for it. If you want certain things to be included in the final price, ask. Heck, even if you are on a limited budget and cannot afford a new car, ask around your social network and see if someone in that network is looking to give away a car at a discounted rate or lend you their car while they’re away for an extended period. It doesn’t hurt to ask because you just might be lucky enough to get it.

We hope these tips for buying a newer vehicle that suits your lifestyle prove helpful. If you would like the AutoPro Auto Service team to provide you with a pre-purchase inspection of a used vehicle, please contact us immediately. We’ll provide a full inspection that will allow you to find out the mechanical shape of the vehicle and a report of our findings. This pre-purchase inspection will not only provide you with better negotiation power, but it will help you avoid the costly mistake of buying a car that is an unsafe or unreliable lemon. To schedule an appointment, contact us. We are located at 7901 W. River Road in Brooklyn Park, MN. 


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