The Difference Between Leaded and Unleaded

In the 1920's, Tetraethyl lead (TEL) was introduced into gasoline to raise the octane of the base gasoline. The critical difference between unleaded petrol and leaded petrol is the additive tetraethyl lead. The lead is released into the air due to the combustion of leaded gasoline. Lead is a pollutant that is heavy and can damage the environment and individuals who have been exposed to it. Lead is an element that is not capable of "burning" into anything but another lead-bearing compound


An outdated and incorrect belief is that lead was put into fuel to protect the valve seats. Since there is only unleaded gas at the pumps at gas stations now, older engines need to use a lead substitute as fuel or the valve seats will burn up.


What about premium gas? Regular unleaded gas usually costs about 15 to 20 cents less per gallon than premium. This could save a driver approximately $100 or more per year, depending on how often they fill up. The Federal Trade Commission reports there are few advantages to using premium gas in vehicles that don’t need it. it doesn't result in better gas mileage or lead to an automobile running faster or smoother. Some luxury brands, such as Mercedes and BMWs, do need premium gas because they have high-compression engines.


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