The Long Haul: Keeping a Car in Good Health after 100K

Welcome to March! With spring on the way, you’re likely thinking of what you can do to make a fresh start in your life. Spring means renewal, but it also means accepting that the season of an old favorite is gone and past.

If your car is on the cusp of turning over the 100,000 miles mark on the speedometer, it might be time to start putting some serious thought into how you can preserve your car and keep it going for years to come. At AutoPro, we don’t get asked this enough, but we do have some ideas about how to keep your car going for the years to come:

  • Preventative Maintenance - This is the biggest issue to preserving a car. With each service you order from us, we inspect your vehicle and report our findings to give you a long-term diagnosis of your vehicle’s health.
  • Fluid Replacement - Your car builds up lots of invaders in its systems that can damage it down the road. You can tackle this problem by ordering a flush and getting your fluids replaced with new ones.
  • Talking to your mechanic - We have plenty to say about problems we see inside your car. We often see people using high-octane gasoline for a lower-octane engine. We see people damaging their clutch by putting their vehicle in Drive when they’re still reversing. Start a conversation with your auto mechanic about the damage they see in your car.

We hope you and your car stay on the roads for the years to come. If you need service, don’t forget AutoPro is here for you. If you’d like to get started on steps to preserve your vehicle, please schedule an appointment with AutoPro Auto Service today to keep your car performing at its best. We are conveniently located at 7901 W. River Road in Brooklyn Park, MN.




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