Tire Rotation and Why It’s Important

“Where the rubber meets the road” is a term that we hear now and then, often regarding accountability. In so many ways, this saying also pertains to tire rotation quite literally. Rotating your tires at regular intervals ensures your tires wear evenly. Just think, if your front-wheel-drive car has heavy wear on the front tires, it can increase braking time, especially in wet conditions. Vehicles with front-wheel drive wear do down their front tires much faster than the rear. Regularly rotating them helps reduce replacement costs while extending the life of your tire.
Did you know tires have an expiration date? Many makers recommend retiring tires over six years of age. You can even tell the age of your tires by the last four digits on the DOT code. There is a lot of information listed on your tires if you know where to look. If you are unsure what all to look for, the experts at AutoPro Auto Services are here to help! 
Tire rotation on your car is usually recommended every 5,000 – 7,500 miles and is especially important when they are new. Each vehicle manufacturer has specific recommendations. You can check your owner's manual for your particular vehicle recommendations. When you take it to the professionals at AutoPro Auto Services, they perform a visual inspection for damage to tread and sidewalls, check your air pressure, rebalance your tires if there is a vibration & check your tires tread depth. This keeps your tires under warranty.
There are a lot of fine details regarding the actual tire rotation styles needed for each vehicle and tire type. Here is an example of tire rotation types for cars that have uniform-sized tires, have a non-directional tread pattern, and also have a full-size spare rotation: 
· Rearward cross
· X-pattern
· Forward cross
Below is an example of tire rotation types for cars that have high-performance tire rotation: 
· Side to side 
· Front to back
It is also essential to have your wheels properly torqued to the proper specifications when you have your tires rotated.
Maximizing your rubber on the road is really important for you and your passenger’s safety. The folks at AutoPro Auto Services are here to help you stay safe and to get the most out of your tires. Make your appointment today! You can find us at 7901 W River Rd, Brooklyn Park, MN 55444 Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm.


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