Looking for a Tire Shop in Brooklyn Park, MN?

After months of snowy and icy roads, it’s safe to say most Minnesotans are ready for spring. But with spring comes a new set of road issues: potholes and debris that can wreak havoc on your tires. If you notice signs of tire damage, it’s essential to take your car in for tire repair to prevent any further issues like a blowout.

Auto Pro Auto Service is your trusted tire shop in Brooklyn Park, MN. Our ASE certified technicians are here for all your tire needs including tire replacement, tire rotation and wheel alignments. Give us a call for an appointment at: (763) 703-6172.

Tire Shop in Brooklyn Park, MN

Signs you need immediate tire repair or replacement

Most drivers have experienced tire damage at one point or another. But how do you know if your tire requires immediate repair? Some signs you may need tire repair or replacement are:

  • Direct impact with a pothole or curb
  • If you experience a continuous slow leak
  • A sudden drop in tire pressure or an alert on the dashboard
  • If your tires are making a loud thudding or slapping noise, that can indicate a flat

Roadside Tips for Getting Your Vehicle to a Tire Shop in an Emergency

Most drivers don't start their commute thinking they'll experience a flat or tire blowout. However, if you find yourself in a roadside emergency, these tips can help you safely navigate the situation.

1. Navigate to a parking lot as soon as it’s safely possible. You'll want to move your vehicle away from traffic and avoid standing on a busy road to check your tire.

2. If you cannot move your vehicle to safety, stay inside your car and turn on your hazard lights to alert other drivers. From the security of your car, call to have the vehicle towed.

3. If you can get your vehicle to safety, refer to your vehicle's owner's manual to determine how to put on the spare tire for your specific vehicle model. It is worth noting that some newer vehicles no longer come with spare tires. In this case you would need to call for a tow.

4. If you will be driving the vehicle to a tire repair shop, be aware that spares tires have a maximum speed of 50 mph.

5. Always keep an emergency kit in your car for roadside emergencies. If you need to wait for a tow, you'll be thankful for emergency kit essentials like water, blankets, or a phone charger.

6. Have a trusted mechanic like Auto Pro Auto Service in mind to service your vehicle. Most tow drivers will want to know where to take your car for repair, and the last thing you want to do in an emergency is stress over finding a reputable repair facility.

Auto Pro Auto Service, Your Reliable Tire Shop in Brooklyn Park, MN

Hopefully, you’ll never find yourself in an emergency situation like a tire blowout, but being prepared can help make the situation less stressful. Keeping up on tire and wheel maintenance is the first line of defense when preventing a tire emergency. Our ASE Certified technicians provide several maintenance services such as tire rotation, and wheel alignment and balancing. And if you do find yourself in need of a tire shop for a replacement you can rely on Auto Pro Auto Service to get you back on the road safely.


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