Transmission Repair Brooklyn Park, MN - Don’t Get Jerked Around By a Failing Transmission

There’s nothing like transmission issues to bring your road trip plans to a screeching halt. If you find yourself in need of transmission repair in Brooklyn Park, MN, AutoPro Auto Service is known for reliable vehicle service and exceptional customer care in the Hennepin County area.

Transmission Repair Brooklyn Park, MN

We start with state-of-the-art equipment to diagnose your vehicle. If any problems are revealed, our service advisor will thoroughly explain your vehicle’s condition and the level of urgency for any repairs. All repairs are completed by ASE-Certified technicians, use high quality NAPA Auto parts, and are backed by a 3 year/36,000-mile warranty (parts and labor). This is 3x the warranty than most repair facilities. Most dealerships and other shops only offer a 1 year warranty.

What Brooklyn Park is Saying About Our Transmission Repair

"We had some transmission issues this past summer. The Technicians were accurate with the diagnosis of the problem. Always the skeptic, I wanted to see the parts that were replaced. I’m totally satisfied with the service and customer friendly experience."

Michael Harley (Google Review)

Schedule an appointment today by calling AutoPro at (763) 703-6172. Or, keep reading to learn more about the symptoms that could suggest transmission trouble.

Signs of Transmission Problems

  • Electrical issues are typically indicated by a “check engine” warning light or, in some models, a flashing “overdrive” light
  • Sudden loss of speed or problems accelerating
  • Shaking or shuddering while driving
  • Vehicle has trouble staying in the right gear or there is a delay when shifting gears
  • Fluid spots under vehicle
  • Burning smell under the hood
  • Unusual sounds when shifting, decelerating or accelerating

How Can I be Sure it’s the Transmission?

If your vehicle is displaying any of the signs above, the only way to be sure it’s the transmission is a professional diagnosis. Many times clients will come in thinking they have transmission trouble when it’s actually a bad spark plug or clogged catalytic converter. Also, today’s vehicles are complex machines with many electrical components. So what may seem to be a transmission problem could simply be a faulty sensor or control module. The key is to have your vehicle looked at by a professional - and bring it in to the shop quickly, before a small problem develops into a costly repair.

Driving Conditions That Can Affect Your Transmission

High Temperatures

Minnesota’s summer heat can add stress to your transmission and cause fluid degradation. Always stay on top of your maintenance schedule and consult with one of our technicians to learn when a transmission fluid flush might be required.

Towing Extra Weight

Be careful not to overload vehicles when towing. This is especially critical in warmer weather and and on long road trips. You can find your vehicle’s weight limits in your owner’s manual.

Driving Through Snow and Mud

If you’ve lived in Minnesota long, you’ve probably been stuck in snow at one point. Quickly shifting from forward to reverse is often the instinctual reaction to free the vehicle from being stuck. However, drivers should avoid this method as it causes heat to build up in the automatic transmission.

Need Transmission Repair in Brooklyn Park, MN?

Our ASE-Certified technicians have extensive experience servicing transmissions in all makes and models and stay current with updates to the electronic components in today's complex vehicles. Don’t let transmission failure shift your plans into low gear. If you need to schedule transmission repair in Brooklyn Park, MN, contact AutoPro today at: (763) 703-6172.

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