Valentines Gifts For Car Lovers

Since most of the people in this country truly love their cars, it’s not unusual to think about just how much that is the case this time of year. Cars represent freedom, control, power, status and that’s more than you can say about most other things in your life. Even if you drive a piece of junk, it still provides the freedom that a bus or bicycle simply cannot! So, for the car lover in your life, here are some ideas for Valentine’s Day:


  1. Books: There are some really, really cool books on the history of cars on Amazon. Muscle cars, a visual history of the auto, classic cars, the art of the automobile, unique cars, and the list goes on. If your sweetheart has a fascination with the automobile, he or she would love one of these visually gorgeous coffee-table books. Check them out!

  2. Travel mug: Wow! This is super cool and your Valentine probably wouldn’t spend the money on this for themselves, but they’ll fondly think of you every time they drink hot coffee on the road. This temperature-controlled travel mug could just the thing your sweetheart has always wanted!

  3. Emergency Travel Kit: Help your sweetie stay safe. While this may be a box of chocolates, this is definitely a thoughtful gift. On second thought, you might want to ALSO buy them a box of chocolates. Practical AND romantic usually yields better results.

  4. Chocolate! And because WE are so thoughtful, here’s a solution to the problem that #3 may have caused. Now you can include chocolates in the shape of cars. Yay you! Any car lover who is also a chocolate lover (I don’t know anyone who ISN’T both!) will flip over such a sweet treat!

  5. Top Gear: Extreme stunts, celebrity guests, broken bones, mechanical mishaps: how could your car-loving Valentine NOT this long-running favorite?? This show will keep you both on the edge of your seat just waiting to see what could possibly go wrong next?! Sounds like the ultimate romantic evening to me.

Anyone who loves their car will appreciate any of these auto-inspired gifts for Valentine’s Day. And if not for V-Day, then I’m sure a birthday is coming up soon! At AutoPro Auto Service, we think that every day is a good day to love your car. That’s why we’re here to help you love on your car year around. To schedule an appointment, contact us. We are located at 7901 W. River Road in Brooklyn Park, MN. Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!


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