What makes AutoPro Auto Service Unique and why that matter to YOU!

What makes John Klarkowski and his team of highly skilled auto mechanics at AutoPro Auto Service unique? So many reasons! From hiring the right people to offering loaner cars, from one of the best warranties in the business to our high level of transparency, everything we do is to create the very best customer service experience for you. We aren’t interested in earning a fast dollar. It’s all about building relationships and making sure you know that YOU matter.

Staff: AutoPro Auto Service hires off of character first and foremost. John works hard to motivate and guide his team. They stay with him for years because he makes an effort to create and maintain a great connection. He treats them well and with respect. 

The employees come first in order to make our customers come first. John doesn’t have peace of mind unless each employee is doing well. He meets with them daily in order to check-in and makes sure they are all okay.  The goal is to have a positive attitude from every team member so it radiates out to the customers and the whole community. The employees are great people and they get great reviews. People say “these guys really care”.  Quality starts with caring.

Customer service: The goal at AutoPro Auto Service it to make auto repair as convenient and painless as possible. We provide free loaner cars and we back our work with 3x the warranty (3 years on parts and labor). Our service advisors have been with us for a long time and that helps with creating harmony for all. You’ll find their pictures on our website to help you start to get to know them.  

The lobby is a clean, welcoming place. It is small, but it looks like a waiting room at the doctor’s office. Here you can relax with a cup of coffee, a beverage from the fridge, or a yummy snack.

Warranty: If you want to know one of the main reasons AutoPro Auto Service is the leading auto repair shop in the Brooklyn Park, MN region? It’s our warranty. We have raised our warranty coverage to 3-years/ 36,000-miles, and it is the best warranty in the entire state of Minnesota! When we say our top-notch team of auto mechanics stand behind their quality workmanship, we’re not kidding around.

The team at AutoPro Auto Service creates a unique customer experience for you through hard word, professinalism, and a genuine caring attitude. Schedule an appointment today make sure your car is ready for all of the adventures you are planning for the new year. We are conveniently located at 7901 W. River Road in Brooklyn Park, MN. Happy New Year to you and yours!


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