Car AC repair Near Blaine, MN

4 Reasons Your Car A/C Isn’t Working

Minnesota’s hottest season is quickly approaching and the last thing you want to deal with is unreliable AC in your vehicle. So if it’s been giving you some trouble lately, it’s officially time to get it back in top working condition to avoid an uncomfortable summer ahead. AutoPro Auto Service provides car AC repair in Blaine, MN, so you can rest assured that the heat won’t thwart your summer plans. Give us a call at: 763-703-6172 to schedule your AC diagnosis or keep reading to learn more about how your car’s AC works.

Car AC repair Near Blaine, MN

Can I Fix Car AC Issues on my Own?

Diagnosing and fixing AC issues isn’t something recommended for the DIY-er, as it typically involves complex procedures best performed by a professional. But understanding how your vehicle’s HVAC system works will help you communicate the issue at hand with our technicians, making the process even easier. Now, let’s get into some of the potential reasons behind why your vehicle’s AC could be on the fritz.

Low Refrigerant

The primary function of your car’s AC is facilitated by a substance called refrigerant, which circulates through metal tubes, absorbing heat from the air by evaporating at low temperatures. The refrigerant is then used to cool the air before a fan disperses it throughout the vehicle. Refrigerant levels tend to decrease over time, either due to natural depletion in a closed system or from pesky leaks. Sometimes topping up the refrigerant can take care of the problem. Fixing leaks in the system, on the other hand, is far more complex, requiring specialized tools like dyes and leak detectors.

Blend Door Malfunctions

The blend door directs hot air away from the passenger cabin to maintain a comfortable temperature. If this door gets stuck, it will prevent cold air from entering the cabin, even if the AC system is otherwise completely operational. The tricky part is that diagnosing blend door issues is challenging because of its inaccessible location within the dashboard. Listening for the door's movement or attempting manual adjustment can help determine if there's a problem.

Condenser Problems

The AC condenser is responsible for the refrigerant flow and can experience issues such as clogs that halt the AC's cooling process. Debris blockage or electrical faults might stop the condenser fan, as well.

Issues with the Compressor

The compressor is basically the heart of your vehicle’s AC - circulating refrigerant throughout the system. It’s a must-have for maintaining cool air output. You can locate the compressor in the engine bay, usually driven by the serpentine belt. A properly functioning compressor will have a clutch that audibly engages and disengages. If the compressor fails to activate, or cycles too frequently, it’s likely indicating power issues or low refrigerant levels.

Car AC repair near Blaine, MN

Most of us take our AC for granted, but when it doesn’t work, we realize quickly just how much we appreciate air conditioning. Don’t let vehicle issues thwart your summer plans. Staying up to date with vehicle maintenance and getting ahead of any developing issues can help. If you’re in need of car AC repair near Blaine, give AutoPro a call to schedule your appointment at: (763) 703-6172 and keep cool this summer!

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