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Auto Repair Near Champlin, MN

Auto Repair Near Champlin, MN

Need auto repair near Champlin, MN, that you can trust? Look no further than Angie’s List Super Service Award winner, AutoPro Auto Service. With service-based reviews and high star ratings, you can trust our one-stop shop to provide complete vehicle service and repairs. Whether it’s a simple oil change or complex engine work, AutoPro Auto Service does it all, while providing top-tier customer service. After all, shouldn’t your go-to auto shop treat you with the same care and respect they treat your vehicle?   Customer Service Focused At AutoPro Auto Service, we uphold the highest standard of customer service to turn a stressful vehicle situation into a positive experience for our customers. That’s because, as your experienced neighborhood mechanic, we care about our community and neighborhoods. Our service advisors have been with us for many years and provide a personal touch you can count on. Generations of customers have been coming t ... read more

Safe Winter Tips!

This blog is especially timely, especially this year with all the snow.  Your friends at AutoPro auto service in Brooklyn Park want you to be prepared! We are your local source for expert car repair in Brooklyn Park, Champlin and Fridley. Next time you need car service, truck repair or SUV repair call AutoPro Auto Service in Brooklyn Park and get the job done right! Today we are going to start a series on Winter driving that includes “what to do if you get stuck in the ditch” in a Metropolitan area like the Twin Cities followed with what to do if you are traveling “in the sticks” and you get stuck.   This will include Winter driving preparedness tips including some survival know how! So you are thinking about driving in the Twin Cities Metro during a stormy winter morning.  The weather guys on the TV said stay home.  That’s the first thing to consider.  Planning ahead, if you can wait to drive then by all means do so ... read more

Winter Travel Tips!

Our last blog contained some great trips about getting your car ready for a Winter storm!  Today we are going to discuss  Winter travel tips to keep you and your family safe! If you are from Minnesota, you have probably noticed it's much more treacherous to drive when the temperature is at or near freezing.  Why?  On roadways, water forms when temps rise above 32 and can create new ice conditions when the temp drops below 32! Do you know what tends to freeze first?  Bridges and overpasses.  This is because they freeze from both the top and the bottom!  So be aware!  Also, low-lying areas and shadowed areas can attract ice because the temps may be cooler! If you accumulated a lot of snow on your vehicle from being parked outside during a snow-storm, be sure to remove all the extra snow so that you can be seen and see everyone else clearly!  We’ve all seen the big truck driving down the highway with a cloud of blowing snow bl ... read more

Winter Storm Coming? Here’s some tips to get your car and yourself ready!!!

Winter Storm Coming?  Here’s some tips to get your car and yourself ready!!!  1) Check your fuel gauge!  you don't want to start the day with a fresh blanket of snow and an empty tank! fill your tank up in advance that does a couple of things first you know you've got enough gas to keep warm in case you have and they counter with a ditch and secondly each tank of of gas $20 worth 20 gallons worth will add about 120 pounds of gasoline to the rear axle for more traction!  2) Be ready for drive combat!  Get ready for snowy driving by having your car facing forward into the street so you can push through any drifts or snow plow residue rather than having to back into it! facing forward gives you the momentum that you might need just to get out of the driveway!  3) Most folks don't think about checking their windshield wiper reservoir before a big storm!  Make sure that your reservoir is full.  Windshield fluid is ... read more

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