Winter Travel Tips!

Our last blog contained some great trips about getting your car ready for a Winter storm!  Today we are going to discuss  Winter travel tips to keep you and your family safe!

If you are from Minnesota, you have probably noticed it's much more treacherous to drive when the temperature is at or near freezing.  Why?  On roadways, water forms when temps rise above 32 and can create new ice conditions when the temp drops below 32!

Do you know what tends to freeze first?  Bridges and overpasses.  This is because they freeze from both the top and the bottom!  So be aware!  Also, low-lying areas and shadowed areas can attract ice because the temps may be cooler!

If you accumulated a lot of snow on your vehicle from being parked outside during a snow-storm, be sure to remove all the extra snow so that you can be seen and see everyone else clearly!  We’ve all seen the big truck driving down the highway with a cloud of blowing snow blinding traffic behind the offending vehicle, making it hard to see for everyone!!!  Don’t be that guy or gal!

Some other common-sense tips to think about:

Always make sure your windshield wiper fluid is topped off!  If you run out it’ll probably be when you need it the most, and now you can't see through a dirty windshield!  And Murphy’s law dictates it will probably happen during rush hour!  Next time you get gas, check your windshield wiper fluid!

Are your wiper blades in good order?  If you need replacements, now is the time!  Your friends at AutoPro Auto Service can help you with all of your Car and Truck service and repair needs!

This might seem "Captain Obvious":  in bad driving conditions minimize distractions!   Focus intensely on the traffic ahead and be situationally aware!  Don’t snack, play with the radio and be especially aware of intersections!  You might be driving carefully, but is the other guy?

Be sure to Brake Early and creep slowly up to where you want to stop!  Always allow yourself extra time when the roads are bad!

Do you have your winter safety Kit packed?  Here’s a great list of what should be in your trunk:  extra blanket, candles, lighter, non-perishable, snacks like granola bars, Portable shovel, ice scraper, a flashlight, a basic first aid kit, and extra clothing such as hats and gloves!  Do this and enjoy a little extra peace of mind!

Is your windshield covered with frozen-ice?  Do not throw hot water on it!!  Put your heat on defrost and just be patient!  You can scrape it off when it starts to melt!

If your windshield wipers are frozen to the glass, don’t try to turn the wipers on and leave it on to get unstuck!   You could literally rip off the rubber off the wipers or worse, burn out your windshield wiper motor!  This would be an expensive and unnecessary repair!  Be patient and Scrape when the windshield is defrosted!

Keep a check on your tire pressure. You may have never thought of this, but cold air lowers the air pressure!  Best to check them when it's cold, so you have an accurate reading!

The colder it is outside, the harder it is for the battery to work, have your friends at AutoPro Auto Service help you check your cold cranking amps!

Check your antifreeze.  If there's too much water and not enough antifreeze, BAD THINGS can happen!  Your engine could overheat or even seize up!  Continued use of an overheated engine could lead to permanent damage such as pistons welding to the cylinders!  A little front end preparation can save your bacon!

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